The Contest ended.

and The Winner is.. electric Gus

..and the prize is the YellowHandz MegaPack .check it

Enjoy his imagination.

The YellowHandz Contest asked you to make a song with
ten (10) paranormal loops which included in our Free Sample Pack. We didn't ask you musical knowledge, specialized
hardware or vocals.

We wanted to inspire your mind with these simple but clear
loops.. If you are in mood, you can still try .here

Apart from our services in advertising and promotion in YellowHandz we offer services such as music mastering, creating sound samples, sound design, and our new project, software synthesizers (beta). Also we have already created for you 180 sound samples that you can listen and buy in our .shop

What Yellowhandz made.. 3d graphics, animations, illustrations, digital photos and more. Our creations in a small .portfolio

Welcome to YellowHandz, the website you will rely on for the promotion and advertising of your work, your business and your personal music and / or that of your band. We can create posters, flyers, create websites and online shops (e-shops), 3D modeling, vectors, beta softwares, create album art digitally, even photograph the artist and / or band.

Our Support team is happy to answer questions regarding the YellowHandz.com websites, our work and downloads. Questions about anything else in the world may be better served by contacting our community. Just ask your question in the .form

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